Saturday, July 18, 2009

something about toyota......

Alutec Rear Strut bar for Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8L

No Brand Front Strut for Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8L

Toyota also have a fierce logo!!!

TRD Racing Development!!!

Even there is a middle fingered one!!! oooooooooooo~

Monday, May 04, 2009


Packaging and Processing Equipments
Richard Ng
Business Executive
Tel: (65) 65430988

something called the dongfang richard car????????

Friday, May 01, 2009

Thank you Nuffnang!!!!

Lol!!! It has been so long since I last blogged man!!!!!
oh god... its really been a real long time since you last heard from me.
Well, just an update here!!
my personal mailbox in Newton Post Office have been closed since last month!!!!!!

SIGH.. I ONLY GET LESS THAN 100 MAILS IN A YEAR and it costs SGD$180/year..
so decided to close this mailbox.

GOOD BYE NEWTON P.O. BOX 3133, Singapore 912299.!!!

sigh.. really feel so sad to close it as i had it since year 2000 end.

how time reallie flies man!!


well leaving the sad things behind and bringing the most happiest thing that can come...

after waiting for so long!!! this finally arrived!!!

sighhh.. was so worried that the closure of the mailbox would mean that the cheque has been lost...

welll, it did arrive!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy!!!!!!

my blog have been serving Nuffnang for a good 1.5 years and this is my answer to the hardwork that was put into and

sigh.. i know i know.. since came about i have not been blogging very much but i really appreciate my dearest readers who are so regular into this blog would still be coming into here and support me.

THANK YOU NUFFNANG for giving me the opportunity to blog and express myself!!!

if you look carefully into the package, there is an attatched mcd macdonalds vocher that was presented as they were late in the cash out cheques...... at least i managed to gain a meal from them!! woo hooo... mcd CHONG HUEY MIN!!!!!!!!!

well well welllllllll, so ladies and gentlemen, continue blogging and continue working with nuffnang!!!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blogging Live from Zhuhai, China

Good day guys!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 新年快乐!!!


I realised that when your blog address is, it can be viewed in China. The saddest thing you can realise is that both and cannot be viewed here i dunno why.... i can enter with ease... arghhhh.. pissed.

well, i cannot see my entry myself but i would like to share my experiences about my trip here today!

suddenly running to china for the new year?

yes, i want to go back to Miri but there are no tix on Air Asia. All damn full man... hahahahxxx..

I came to Zhuhai from Macau. Tiger Airways flies to macau you didnt know?? =D

talking about 三姑六婆, 3 koo 6 por....

wuhahhaha, being landed on the land of macau, i saw with my own eyes, these kinda people i mentioned above actually SINGAPOREANS.. god.. ive never seen with my own eyes... having not given immigrations forms on the flight, we have to go down to the airport to fill them up before we enter the immigration. the worst thing to happen is that the form counters are REALLY EMPTY and I can see those irritating ladies just cannot wait to walk slowly for just less than a minute away to reach. THEY HAVE TO RUN.

gosh, number 1 the forms would not run away! number 2 why show your stupid 36 38 attitude in which you have got to run to the counter??? you know that you are already the first and you still have to run. noone will fight with you ah auntiessssssss... wtf...

i reallie cannot tahan man!!!! I see edi wanna puke... gosh!!!

its cNY and its rather quiet here.. reallie good man!!!!!

Have a wonderful new yearrrrrrrrrr of the NIU!!!

okayxx i have got to go already.

just my 2 cents worth.

missing my darling lotsssssss~

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Blues~

What a monday?? and you definately have monday blues...
see lar.. i found something blue~
I was out today and i saw a blue 3-series E46 BMW in which i always wanted to get

nice BMW sports rims right???

this is the general outlook!!! yes oh yes!! nice not? i like the bodykitting.. look.. mag wheels!!

I wore a blue~ cufflink shirt... damn.. 1st time ok.. hahaha...

nice not??

dont have to see my body and face lah~~ u have seen enough.. only see the difference!!!!

another monday blue!!!!!!!

i've got a blue box~~
the early christmas pressie from aunty gloria and uncle keh... Dad's partner!!!

thank you so much for the present to start my monday bluessss....

thank god my car is not blue!!

ho ho ho ho~

.........................and I'm waiting for to get my christmas present!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

after today i will be home alone!!!

started the earlie morning very earlie sending my dad to the airport as he was leaving for his trip to china.
drove him to the airport and i came home lying on bed back to sleep till 12.15.
oh god.. supposed to wake up before 11 to go for a viewing of jewellery auction coming up at 1pm.
when i saw the clock of 12.15, i woke up and quickly rushed to the auction.

i found this from the Business Times Weekend before i left for gold yesterday!!!!

Sheraton Towers hotel was rather near my house so i decided to go.

well.. from long time ago.. i love to go to auctions when i see ROLEX watches for sale.....

in the end it turned out to be 1 which has the whole ROLEX KING studded with diamonds.. whua... u can see on the top ad... thats the only one for sale!!!

i thought there were more...

it went under the hammer for SGD$23,000.

if i had the cash.. i would definately buy it.. cause it comes with the cert and box.. brand new!!!

anyone selling rolex, please let me know!!!!! i'm looking for one men size half gold with roman numerals one!!! 2nd hand pref

ended up having lunch at 5pm... till then darling was so ENGROSSED with the what a bloggiful world event which i was supposed to attend but didnt... sigh... she can ignore me the whole day ok!!! my goodness...



depressed till i went shopping the whole evening in orchard....

ended up having dinner at newton which i can see stupid ppl doing stupid things...

so much space and u will see the tyres on top of the kerb.

i tot maybe i will see this rare sight out of singapore but sad thing....



Saturday, December 13, 2008

What can a stock Altis do?

An almost full tank of petrol can do to a 2005 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8L can take me almost 500km distance. how good!!!!
i have everything in stock less my car is way much heavier coz of my sound system!!

so grab one today!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All I want for Christmasss.........

There would always be something that you will yearn for every day...
of coz yearn for your beloved lar... if not who else.. hehehehehe...
but there would always be some small requests that you could make on christmas isit it??
I WANT the silm and executive look Nokia E71 that you see below...

so silm right??

i want as my current N81 is giving way edi... the front aluminum piece is coming apart.... how sad mannn!!!!!!!!

should i get a white or should i get a black???

in the darkkkkk

fits my big palm but keypad is so smalllllll!!!!!

screen also not bad!!!!
so elegant right???
well.. anyone would like to sponsor me on it??
i cannot wait to geddit!!!
sigtel/m1 is selling it for $238 with a 2 year contract...
recontract or wait for t0 geddit for me..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a Bloggiful world?


what a bloggiful world

Good day ladies and gentlemen!!
I urge you guys so much that you have to sign up for this event in Penang as it round the corner this weekend ok!
DONGFANG RICHARD's Proudly big yes to this event!
A MUST GO EVENT!!!!!!!!!
how to register??????
here is the link!!!!
Lots of fun!!
why? cause you will meet famous bloggers from:-
your truely,
see you there!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I have been so busy!!

i think you guys must have been supporting my beloved's blog more often than mine right!!!!!

sigh... i am so so so so so X100000000 sorry that i have been rather busy and coped with work recently that i havent blogged man..

sigh... i know there may be alot of updates recently by my dearest about me... hahaha.. but i havent got any updates... hahahax... i think you guys have seen.. ive graduated from Curtin Univesity of Technology last month with a degree in Marketing and ive started working already.

anyone in the packaging and processing industry looking for automations... please contact me or visit my website on i will give you a good deal ok!!!!

well.. i will promise to update more in thime to come.